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Breathe to Perform was released in the beginning of 2020. After facing a challenging year as a global community we made the decision to create a free 2nd edition of Breathe to Perform to share the power of physical fitness, mental fitness, and better breathing with more people! 



Welcome to Breathe to Perform! We're a small business with a big passion for all things breathing. David is an ultramarathon athlete, speaker, and author. Lex is a strength and conditioning coach currently completing her doctorate of physical therapy program. We've built Breathe to Perform to share a simple, but powerful program to help others unlock their innate potential, one breath at a time. 


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Catch Your Breath simplifies the science of how our bodies use oxygen. 

Our goal is to help you run faster, recover quicker, and feel your best by improving how you breathe. ​


Bring the Breathe to Perform team to your workplace.

Full day seminars, team training workshops, and speaking events. Let us teach your team simple breathing exercises to reduce stress, improve energy, and peak workplace performance.


We work with leading coaches and their teams.

We help coaches and their teams integrate a simple breath practice to improve athletic performance. Help your athletes better manage stress and anxiety both on and off the field while improving aerobic capacity, performance, and recovery.


Breathe to Perform Seminar for Team Captains at Norwich University 

Our Story

In 2017 Breathe to Perform co-founders David Bidler and Lex Clark set out on a mission to share the science of stress management and peak performance.

David was operating The Distance Project, a performance training center for endurance athletes in Freeport, Maine. Lex was entering physical therapy school to pursue her passion for health and human performance. Together they became fascinated by the role that breathing plays in health, stress management, and human performance. 

Over the next 3 years David and Lex studied with breath experts in the scientific, medical, and sport training community. Our goal was to build a simple program that provides industry leaders and their teams with a stress management and performance training toolbox like no other. 

The Breathe to Perform Program has since been shared by industry leaders in the business, educational, and athletic community. 


Catch Your Breath: The Runner's Guide to Beating Breathlessness and Unlocking Your Inner Athlete

A guide to improving your breathing and super charging

your running performance. 

You will learn how to measurably improve your conditioning,

accelerate recovery, and improve your results on specific

benchmark tests. ​​


BREATHE NEW LIFE INTO YOUR BOX: A Program for Coaches and Gym Owners 

Learn how to bring simple, powerful breath education to your training community or team. 

We've shared this program with coaches across the globe to help them breathe new life into their training community, and their business. 


"The Breathe to Perform professional development was incredible. If you're interested in helping your team improve their mental wellness and physical health the Breathe to Perform team has the knowledge and tools to support you. A truly knowledgeable, timely, and necessary experience." 

-Christopher Della Fave, Director of Innovative Programming, Hoboken Public School District, NJ


Breathe to Perform is committed to helping leaders scale their skills.

Contact us to set up a complimentary phone consultation today! 

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